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About Zigup

Zigup is a career platform that allows you to share and explore information about salary breakups, job referrals, and interviews to help you advance your career.
At Zigup, we help you with - Finding detailed salary breakup data of Startups, MNCs - Network with others based on your intrests - Employee referral opportunities - Explore amazing job offers from top companies
Zigup is run by our amazing community members like you.
Zigup is helping candidates for seeking new career opportunities, giving accurate salary breakup information & interview reviews and networking with respect to their career/skillsets If the candidate is seeking a new opportunity, he/she can get job opportunities from Zigup and can get referral opportunities by employees from top companies If the candidate is in the negotiation stage, he/she can utilize the salary breakup information to gain negotiation power If the candidate has a query, he/she can upload the questions to the group chat / DM / Forum sections
Zigup helps you find high-quality candidates which will make your business much more efficient and fast. You can get more detailed information on how we help businesses at https://hire.zigup.in/
Zigup is Anonymous Professional Community which means your personal data will not be shared publicly, we will keep your information anonymous. In addition, the salary breakup, jobs and referral opportunities are shared by verified employees & amazing community members.


Yes, it’s accurate. To report inaccurate data, simply click the Report button. If enough reports are received, the data will be blocked for our users.


Yes, Zigup is totally free. Users of Zigup are not required to make any kind of financial commitment.
To join the Zigup community, your phone number should be verified. You can verify your phone number when signing up on the website and create a password for sign-in. After completing the registration process, you will have free access to all of Zigup's features.


There are many posts related to referrals on our Forum - Candidates section. You can find various companies looking for candidates through referrals. If you are unable to find any suitable company/position, you may upload a post in Forum - Referral section. You can express your interests or specify the company that you are looking for.
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