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Mastek | Consultant L1 | 2 year(s)

Anonymous author | 4mon
Tech - Others
Oracle SQL
Oracle forms and reports

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American Express | DM if you need referral for Senior Engineer -II at Amex

Anonymous author | 3mon
Required Technical skills & Experience 6-8 years of software development experience in a professional environment and/or Comparable experience .Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer science engineering or related field required .Must have experience with design and coding with Java and frameworks like Spring MVC, Enterprise Integration Framework, and Reactive Programming: Must have experience with design and coding with HTML5, CSS, ES6 Javascript and Javascript frameworks like ReactJS Redux, Angular. Demonstrated experience with RESTÍul web services/ GraphQL Demonstrated experience with object-oriented design and coding with knowledge of 00 and enterprise Design Patterns Demonstrated experience with any relational databases like DB2, MysqL, Postgres, Oracle and Nosql Experience with saL tuning is good to have. Demonstrated experience of build real-time streaming desta pipelines and applications that adapt to the data streams using Apache Kafka Demonstrated experience with source control (Git, SVN), automated build/ continuous delivery tools (Maven, Jenkins, Groovy) Experience in performance tuning and optimizing applications is considered an asset Some of the following technical experience would be desirable: Knowledge of modern frameworks like Reactive Streams and functional programming Knowledge of Cloud environments, for example Docker and OpenShifte, vapkeauce, HDFS, S3, Kaika, Hive, Java Python, gRPC, Spring Boot, Elasticsearch, etc. Soft skills: Familiar with Agile or other rapid application development methods Ability to effectively interpret technical and business objectives and challenges, and articulate solutions Ability to think abstractly and deal with ambiguous/under-defined problems and perform systematic and rational analysis to identify the root cause of problems Identifies opportunities to adopt innovative technologies to enable business capabilities.


· What is the starting salary of Oracle in India?The average starting salary for Amazon in India with is approximately 19.3 LPA(Lakh per Annum) with standard deviation of 6.8 LPA (Lakh per Annum).
· What is the highest salary at Oracle India?The highest salary for Oracle is approximately 78 LPA (Lakh per Annum). You can check out more salary ranges by clicking a node in the above Salary Insight Graphs.
· Which role pays the most at Oracle India?We're still collecting data in order to provide you with accurate information.
· How to get employee referral for Oracle?Getting a referral from an internal Oracle employee is the best way to stand out in the application process. You can check out our forum post for referrals or If you are unable to find any suitable company/position, you may upload a post in Forum asking for referrals.
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