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Maidsafe | Web3 developer - Junior: Rust

Anonymous author | 19d
# FullStack Engineer We are building the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network, an open source, decentralised data communications network made possible by efficiently combining the unused hard drive space, CPU power and internet connections of its users. It is a global network without servers that has the potential to revolutionise the existing Internet, and we are looking for engaging individuals to join our team. This is an exciting yet demanding role, working within the global technology sector and specifically well suited to individuals passionate and knowledgeable about autonomous networks, blockchain, distributed computing, decentralisation and cryptocurrencies. Role and Responsibilities Implementing the code as per the network design Participate in online technical discussions on Slack and and on the community run forum Aid the production of clear and user-focussed documentation Work as part of a remote team Participate in testing and integration providing feedback, when required Maintain an excellent knowledge of the languages, tools and methodologies used by the company Participate in the continuous improvement and evolution of the standards and best practises Work independently, handle multiple tasks simultaneously and adapt quickly to change Essential Requirements High degree of technical capability *Proficiency in asynchronous Rust programming Knowledge of decentralised and distributed algorithms and peer to peer networking Understanding of various Cryptographic algorithms and their applications* Excellent communication skills (we are a geographically distributed team) Commercial experience of working to tight deadlines Experience of planning and project management Strong experience of identifying and monetising deliverables with reasonable timescales. Possess good analytical, problem solving and debugging skills Skilled in producing clear and focussed documentation Working independently and as part of a team Business acumen


· What is the starting salary of this company in India?The average starting salary for Amazon in India with is approximately 14.4 LPA(Lakh per Annum) with standard deviation of 2.0 LPA (Lakh per Annum).
· What is the highest salary at this company India?The highest salary for Citi is approximately 47 LPA (Lakh per Annum). You can check out more salary ranges by clicking a node in the above Salary Insight Graphs.
· Which role pays the most at this company India?We're still collecting data in order to provide you with accurate information.
· How to get employee referral for this company?Getting a referral from an internal Citi employee is the best way to stand out in the application process. You can check out our forum post for referrals or If you are unable to find any suitable company/position, you may upload a post in Forum asking for referrals.
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