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Accenture | Senior Software Engineer | 4 year(s)

Anonymous author | 3mon
Angular 10

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· What is the starting salary of Accenture in India?The average starting salary for Amazon in India with is approximately 6.7 LPA(Lakh per Annum) with standard deviation of 3.5 LPA (Lakh per Annum).
· What is the highest salary at Accenture India?The highest salary for Accenture is approximately 40 LPA (Lakh per Annum). You can check out more salary ranges by clicking a node in the above Salary Insight Graphs.
· Which role pays the most at Accenture India?We're still collecting data in order to provide you with accurate information.
· How to get employee referral for Accenture?Getting a referral from an internal Accenture employee is the best way to stand out in the application process. You can check out our forum post for referrals or If you are unable to find any suitable company/position, you may upload a post in Forum asking for referrals.
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